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  • Trip to the United Nations
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    Eni Sejdini

    As it was my first time visiting the United Nations it was a very educational experience. While walking the United Nations i got to see the history of the difficulties that certain nations had to endure. I also learned that the United Nations was established in 1942 after World War II. What i found interesting is that one United Nation leader Boutros Ghali was only elected for one term, making him the first leader to serve for such a short period of time. The United Nations helps promote peace around the world and try to prevent nations from turning to each other and causing wars to erupt. The United Nations stands for human rights and is trying to bring peace as much as possible. To me this is an organization to be proud of and its an organization that for the most part has kept most nations in peace. The United Nations helps 3 millions of people a year by promoting them with health benefits, providing them with medications and treatments. they also feed about 90 million people who are suffering from starvation. The United Nations has images all over the building of starving children in Palestine. What was most touching was that you got to read how these young children lost their homes, their loved ones, and suffer from starvation, but they still have hopes and dreams from when they become older which was touching. To be able to lose everything and have such spirits like these young children had was inspiring to me. The trip to the United Nation was really educational and touching and it is something i would love to do again and get a full tour of the building and learn as much as possible about the history of the nations.

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