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Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

This is a model course for ENG 1101CO.

ENG1101 Model Course

Carrie Hall, Jacquelyn Blain
1101|Spring 2021

This is a model course for ENG 1101

Hall 1121 Spring 2019

Carrie Hall
1121|Spring 2019

This course is designed to help you find your public writing voice.

ENG1121 Model Course

Carrie Hall
1121|Spring 2021

This is a model course for ENG 1121



Carrie Hall
1101|Fall 2022

Welcome to Hall English 1101


Sarah Schmerler
ENG1121|Spring 2019

You write to become a more effective person — across the board. We will write a LOT in this course, and we will listen to what was said. Let the power begin.

ENG1101 EngComp, SP2019

Jacquelyn Blain

This course focuses on essay writing.

ENG1121 COMP II SPRING 2019 Section 421

Leigh Gold
Spring 2019

This is one of several sections of a new curriculum for English 1121 that is beginning this semester. In English 1121, we will continue the work we had begun in English 1101. This class aims to take the […]

ENG 1121 D477

Aaron Barlow
ENG 1121|Spring 2019

English 1121 is a course in composition, reading skills, and core critical thinking skills. The class will explore many genres, discourses, and multimedia to explore many ideas and readings.

ENG 1121: Writing Across Situations

ENG 1121|Spring 2019

This is the second semester first-year writing course in a two-course sequence focused on writing, rhetoric, analysis, transfer, genre awareness, and research-based writing.

ENG1101 LC09 Fall 2020

Jennifer Sears
ENG 1101|Fall 2020

This is Professor Jennifer Sears’ online Fall 2020 ENG 1101 course. Students joining this site should make sure this is the correct section: ENG1101-LCO9. See you online soon!


Carrie Hall
1121|Spring 2021

This is Carrie Hall’s ENG 1121