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HSCI 1101 Intro to Health Care Delivery and Careers

Brigida Hernandez
HSCI 1101

An overview of professional and non-clinical careers commonly found in the US health care delivery system.

OpenLab Sandbox

Bree Zuckerman
OpenLab 101

Sandbox course for OpenLab workshops


Prof. Paul King
OER Course Template|Spring 2020

This site can be used as a starting place for creating an OER.

NURSING CASE MANAGEMENT: Role and Process : Spring 2021 NUR 4030

Professor Carol Thomas
NUR 4030|Spring 2021

This course focuses on innovative, integrated nursing case and care management models within the context of assessment, planning, collaboration, negotiation, and evaluation. The critical competencies and […]



Prof. Tewani
CHEM 1110L

This laboratory course is a co-requisite for General Chemistry – 1110. One three hour laboratory meeting per week and a total of 15 meetings per semester.

Open Educational Resources: ARCH1121- History of World Architecture to 1900

Open Educational Resources: ARCH1121- History of World Architecture to 1900

Michael Duddy
Architectural T...|ARCH1121|Spring 2018

This historical survey of architecture covers the period from early civilizations to the arrival of the Industrial Revolution. Architecture is understood as an expression of the culture and life of a society, and […]

CST 2410 Introduction to Computer Security_OL10, SP2021, Chen

Yu-Wen Chen
CST2410|Spring 2021

This course is an introduction to security issues facing computer professionals today.

BUF 4700 Contemporary Issues in the Fashion Industry

Nazanin Hedayat Munroe
BUF 4700|Fall 2020

This is an Open Educational Resources (OER) web site for BUF 4700 at NYC College of Technology

Nursing Research

NUR 3130|Spring 2020

Evidence based practice (EBP)

HUS3605 Child Welfare and Family Services

Human Services|HUS 3605|Fall 2017

Concepts, policies, practice principles and issues in the broad field of child welfare and family services. The major human services policies and programs designed for children and families at risk will be […]

DEN2315 Pharmacology OER

DEN2315 Pharmacology OER

Anna Matthews
Dental Hygiene|DEN2315

This site is an Open Educational Resource for DEN 2315, Pharmacology / Dental Hygiene program.

SOC 2380 Sociology of Education, ID

Judith Sedaitis
SOC 2380 ID|Fall 2020

This inter-disciplinary course examines the social influences on education and the effects of education and schooling on the social experiences and identities of individuals and groups in contemporary society. […]