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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

City Tech’s Source for Academic Affairs Information

MAT 1275 Course Hub

Central resource site for MAT 1275 College Algebra and Trigonometry, with syllabus, lessons, review sheets, WeBWorK and other resources for students and faculty.

The Open Road

The Open Road is our place to highlight all that’s possible on the OpenLab. Join now to keep up on OpenLab news, events, and updates. Check our weekly In the Spotlight posts for a glimpse into the incredible w […]

ENG 1101Co Team

ENG 1101Co Team

This project is for 1101Co faculty.

Culmination Project

Project site for all Entertainment Technology and Emerging Media Technology majors.

The Buzz

Welcome to The Buzz, a project by your student community team. The Buzz is a student blogging site dedicated to all things CityTech–from how to handle the pressures of school, to what movies to see. At least […]

Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab

The purpose of this project is to create a forum to ask questions, generate discussion, and share teaching materials, resources, and ideas about teaching and learning on the OpenLab. Avatar image: ”The open […]

Living Lab General Education Seminar Spring 2020

Living Lab General Education Seminar Spring 2020

This is a collaborative space for use by Living Laboratory General Education Seminar participants. This seminar will concentrate on incorporating the general education outcome of Intercultural Knowledge and […]

Digital Stories: Fictional Characters and Their Real-Life Themes

Digital Stories: Fictional Characters and Their Real-Life Themes

This project houses digital stories produced by students at City Tech. Multimedia storytelling is used to provide a multifaceted account of a capacious issue. Fictional characters are ”interviewed” so their […]

Comforting Content for COVID Coping

The OpenLab Community Team would like to invite the City Tech community to join this project as a space to share comforting content– baby animals, rainbows, photos of your pets, nature scenes, soothing music or […]

OpenLab Committee

OpenLab Committee

A private working space for the OpenLab Committee.

Living Lab General Education Seminar

This site serves as a primary hub of information and resources for participants of the City Tech Living Lab General Education Seminar beginning in Spring 2019. General Education is a critical component of City […]