Problem 4 F2M (TD)

This one by far was a challenging project to tackle. Challenging in the aspect that we needed to come up with our own budget based on what we wanted to get for this show. We needed to be close to accurate to be able to not limit ourself to being under budge and then struggle to make things happen. There was so much to keep track it was insane, from paints, wood materials to buying props, to figuring out whos going to be hired to be working on what days. So much going on. My team sat down and pretty much brainstorm what needed to be bought or what would be ideal to be build in the shop. Once we figured out our budgets we was hit with another restrictions. to make and add missing stuff with less money than originally planed. This got us to go back and check up on all the numbers. Seeing if maybe some flats at hand was spending much more time than it should. After those revisions we planned on ways to create the tree by building it by 2×4 lumber and attaching branches to make it seem like there is a tree there.  The reason for going about it this way was since the tree was only going to be seen part of it. it doesn’t make sense to try and make it big and waste so much material and time to do it. Something that needed to be worked into this project was how to get water running to the sink that was going to be used. our solution was to have the shops sink attached to the prop sink and have it running water. and for the water to be drained into a bucket. For prototypes we decided to actually build the mock tree and use a window flat to see if it looks realistic enough and it was a fun and interesting approach. Overall it was a challenging project with so much that was involved but its good experience overall. Everyone is different and see things different. some solutions are better than others, as long as it get done thats all that matters. Research is key for a good type of production, lack of knowledge for stuff thats needed could hurt the production badly.