Overall Self-assessment

What i learn this semester is that there are different methods on solving problems thats in front of us. There isn’t a right or wrong way of going about it. Another things is that practice makes perfect, like anything the amount of time you invest in learning/using the tools will make your job a bit easier. Take the time to plan makes the job easier. Of course it could be done without it but you will work much efficiently with one.

Planning is something I need to incorporate into my life. I tend to be all over the place and sometimes lose track of what i need to get done. So keeping myself in check making plans will help me ensure I get/ hit whats required in any class or job in general.

As for the my skill of mastery in taking this course, I could safely say i’m in between. I do feel comfortable Building and creating stuff base on the drawings that are given to me. What I still need to practice on is building flats and being able to not miss anything like, lumber orders, and also taking into account the type of hardwares such as nails, screws, nuts and bolts.

My lack of knowledge has to be due to me not actually finishing all the readings. I need to read through all of it so I have a better understanding. As for homework assignments i believe i missed a few due to me being absent or just not remember their due dates. I’m not satisfied with my attendance, it’s pretty bad since this class was a noon class and I always seen to be late or miss due to real life stuff. Taking this course definitely has opened my eyes in being more organized and that there are ways of solving stuff. I need to be able to plan out what needs to be done for my classes or job in general. My binder for all my classes for sure fell apart close to the end of the semester. I will come in strong and end strong, not the other way around !