Problem 3 FLATS (TD)

For this project It was challenging base on the fact that we dint know how we would build curved flats. We tried different methods each group tried to do different things for this project. My team was in charged of making sure the flats holding the door was going to be strong enough to hold the weight of the door. Something else that needed to be tested out was to prevent the vibrations caused by the door when its been slammed. Like any project we decided to plan out what needed to be done. we decided to use stock flats , 2 4×8 flats and made 2 custom flats to be able to get the desire flat at hand. Something that we deciding on going about this to prevent vibrations was to have 2 x 4 pine to be used as braces BUT something that we noticed was the way you use the 2×4 could help the vibrations much better than how it was originally placed. our team placed the 2 x 4 the long side flat instead of the thiner side flat which help making the flat stable. Something that needed to be done was to create a stopper for the door to stop and not swing outwards. since does in real life don’t really go a full 360. Something else that needed to be keep in mind when designing the door flat was that we needed to create jacks that aren’t too long to have a safe space for the actors to be able to walk behind and not hitting their legs on the jack that we used as a prototype. i speak from experience when i was walking behind the flat i ended up helping my leg multiple times even tho i knew it was there, but not only that we simulated the 4 feet where another flat was going to be and it was going to be a tight work place to be able to walk around. The solution for a stable flat with thinner jacks was to build ones that cover the whole height of the flat. but have more than the standard 2 jacks