Problem 2 DECK (TD)

Like any project establishing the problems at hand is a great way to tackle whats at hand. For this project there was an issue about having such a short amount of time to be able to prepare for another show. A major change was that a marching band wanted to have their logo on the stage floor. After that was done and over with the next show wanted a blacked out floor. The limitation for this one was that the logo cant be a projected onto the floor. A way around being able to save time since time was another factor was to have the floors covered in vinyl with the logo and once thats over with we would just remove the vinyl completely to have it ready for the talent show. Painting on a muslin couldn’t have been another solution but painting something that covers the entire stage will be time consuming. Something else that was an issue was that the stage was being built on a slope. Time was an priority in this project, taking that into consideration deciding on what kind of flats. based on experience some flats are easier to build but require time to set up, some are difficult to build build but some are faster to install. Different solutions with many possible outcomes.

Elephant; Watercolor on paper by Kovacs Anna Brigitta