Doing this assignment I’ve learned various things. The biggest takeaway from this assignment was learning how to tell a story in under a minute. I had many ideas on what I wanted to make but they all seemed inefficient in communicating my art style(a focus of mine). At first, I wanted to do a small bio then talk about my art and philosophy but I didn’t have any specific ideas.  I decided to showcase some of my previous work which shows a style that I prefer, and also the music and effects that are added convey a specific art style that I am interested in(grunge/vintage). This project helped me practice using visuals and sound to tell a story.

Finding a song/instrumental was hard to find because the song sets the mood, which is why I found a song then started the project. That is something that I learned, that music is an amazing tool that elicits emotion when used correctly.

When creating this project I ran into moments where I would add too many effects, it became unbearable to watch. I realized that too many effects make the video seem amateur and that sometimes less is more. In order to successfully tell a story, I learned that there must be a balance between effects, audio, and images.