On Monday, the class and I visited the online Nassau Museum and took a look at the blue exhibition. While viewing the exhibition 3 artworks that I resonated with were:

  1. Katsushika Hokusai(Japanese.b.1760-1834). Shicirigahama in Sagami Province, which is from the 36 views of Mount Fuji. 14.5×9.5 inches. This artwork is made from color woodblock print. Shichirigahama in Sagami Province (Sōshū Shichirigahama), from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku sanjūrokkei), Katsushika Hokusai (Japanese, Tokyo (Edo) 1760–1849 Tokyo (Edo)), Woodblock print; ink and color on paper, Japan What I really like about this artwork is the different hues of the color blue, but it all comes together to evoke an emotion of tranquility(for me). I like how the darkest hue of blue doesn’t take all the attention away from the rest of the content in the artwork. It is very balanced which is possibly why I get that feeling of tranquility. In this artwork, the negative space adds further to the design because it gives each of the different hues its own space. ————————————————————————————————————–
  2. James Casebere(American,b.1953) Blue House on Water #2,2018,Edition 3/5. 60.5×47. James’s artwork is actually a photo that confused me because I thought it was a 3d model and rendered. James Casebere | Minneapolis College of Art and DesignThis art piece seems very surreal and abstract. I think it’s because of how geometrical the house is and then it clashes with the water(the shadows play a huge part as well). The house is light blue, the ocean is dark blue, and the sky is similar to the hue of the house but it seems as if a storm is forming. A huge aspect of what made this artwork stick out to me is the yellow chimney and the dark orange staircase. I think the chimney was added because it correlates with the topic of climate change and its effects.
  3. Alex Ferrone, On the Shore.  Aerial Photography.                  This artwork caught my eye because when I first saw it I thought it was a painting at first. Alex’s photograph captures nature in a way that I haven’t seen before, it seems very abstract. But after looking at it for a while I started to notice what the image truly is. It reminds me of an illusion even though it is a photograph taken from a helicopter. The hue of the blue creates an emotion of relaxation and the smooth texture of the sand adds to that.  Going on an online field trip was a new experience but I have no complaints. I’m starting to favor online field trips because, in my opinion, you see so many more artworks in a small amount of time. A huge drawback is that it’s through a screen, so you don’t get to experience the texture of the canvas and really see how the painting works with the texture. Also, the lighting/color may be very different. Since I am seeing the artwork through a screen it is going through the RGB signals of the monitor which can alter the color or even the feeling of the artwork.