Strength is defined as a strong attribute or inherent asset.  My strong attributes are my creativeness, humility, ambitious drive and adaptative nature.  One thing I respect with others, a principle that I live by, is genuineness, accountability and respect for others.  Humility goes a long way, allowing us the ability to continue learning from our professors,  staff, colleagues, and peers. We have to recognize that we are susceptible to making mistakes.  So, its alright to seek guidance and suggestions from others with more experience, and treat those we come across with dignity and respect, regardless of their role in the organization.

As a nurse, stressors can come from many angles and in this profession you have to find a way to cope.  So, while its a continued working progress, having an adaptative nature is important to have, especially when giving standard care, dealing with difficult situations on the floor or even difficult people, to name a few.

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