I am attending New York City College of Technology and this is my last semester in pursuit of my Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  If this requirement was not in such demand, I question if I would have continued my education right away as I did.  Throughout my progress as a baccalaureate nursing student I have evolved in many aspects.  As an associate degree nurse, my foundation was basic, however as my education and experiences have grown, my knowledge and confidence to  perform my nursing duties has improved. 

This semester I took on 5 classes, 4 of which were writing intensive, and discovered the epitomy of what time management entails, including planning and prioritizing.  These experiences can certainly be applied in my future career experiences as a Registered Nurse.  The bachelaureate program in nursing provides an educational experience designed to promote scientific inquiry, creative thinking, critical judgment and personal development.  Lastly, this program has allowed me to see many hats of nursing, from leadership roles in management to mentoring and teaching in urban communities.  My educational gain is well appreciated.

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