Exam #1 is a take-home exam, due Sunday (Oct 11). You can download the pdf with the quiz exercises from OpenLab Files.

Like the quizzes, you should submit your solutions on Blackboard as a single pdf file (I will create an “Exam #1” Assignment shortly).

Instructions are the same as for quizzes:

  1. Write out your solutions. If you have access to a printer, you can print out the Exam pdf and write your solutions in the spaces provided. But it’s fine to write your solutions on a blank piece of paper. You don’t need to rewrite the statements of the exercises, but please write your solutions in order (show all your work!) and number/label them.
  2. Scan your written solutions to a single pdf file (i.e., not a jpeg!). There are number of free smartphone apps you can use to scan to pdf. Some popular ones are Cam Scanner, Microsoft Office Lens, Adobe Scan, and Genius Scan (see here). If you have a Google or Dropbox account, you can use the Google Drive app or the Dropbox app to scan and save the pdf to the cloud.
  3. Upload your pdf to the Exam #1 Assignment on Blackboard.