Meeting Agenda and Notes 8/6/20

  • Halloooo! And welcome Kate, course coordinators, and Sandie!
  • Review of project
    • What is a Course Hub?
      • departmental resources for students and faculty
      • team is building Online Lessons
      • Jonas is building other resources
      • static (not meant for interaction/discussion)
      • brief tour of course hub
      • Volunteers to show a sample lesson?
    • Course Hub vs Model Course
      • every section needs an online home! Blackboard or OpenLab.
      • if you’re using OpenLab, Model Course is place you start (clone it for your own section)
      • course hub lives on OL but resources are for use by everyone, whether they choose blackboard or openlab
  • Feedback:
    • Thomas: would be *great* to have internal City Tech videos for all of these!
    • Kate: there is an existing (possibly unused) faculty resource site for Math – maybe we can adopt this?
    • Ezra: let’s try to finalize lessons 1 month before they appear on syllabus?
  • Update on faculty training
    • Initial “What is an online course” training Wed 8/12 and Wed 8/19.
    • Focussed technical trainings on Ths Fri both weeks.
    • Model Course trainings tbd within those two Ths/Fri windowsill (tentatively Fri mornings)
    • Kate will help out with the Model Course trainings (thanks Kate!)
    • Jonas: MathType – good OCR for math equations
    • Ezra: class slides w/ content from publisher – put these on private instructor area
  • Course Hubs – status updates
    • Lesson development:
    • Other resource development – any input from course coordinators on resources to include (especially faculty resources specific to your course)?
      • Resources
        • Textbook
        • WeBWorK
        • Video Resources
        • Tutoring
        • Review
      • For Faculty
        • Kate: link to stem applications from OG.
        • Project Prompts for faculty (and solutions/examples)
        • Faculty Announcements
        • Course Coordination
        • WeBWorK Faculty Resources
        • Training and Support
  • Accessibility:
  • Questions:
    • Marianna: question about cover image (converted to HTML???) – Jonas will look into
    • Kate: Numbering lessons – consecutive? Or skip a number for exams?. Consecutive
    • Kate: Learning outcomes for individual lessons? (OpenStax has them listed – will pull from there)
    • Kate: (1575 reduction fmlas for trig integrals – some faculty use them, some don’t – included paragraph “these exist, talk to your instructor about whether you are using them”)
    • Kate: embed desmos graph? JONAS will follow up OpenLab team.
    • Ariane: screenshots from Desmos OK? JONAS will look into it (think its ok – does it need attribution?)
    • Kate: Colors in LaTeX? (I think this is not supported)
    • Ariane: is there another plugin for LaTeX that allows us to use more functionality? JONAS bug OL team about this.
    • Block editor: the gosh-dang popup bar covers up what I want to look at!
    • Kate: Accordions – Pages with accordions have extra accordions generated when you click edit?? BUG! JONAS will report.
  • Kate: Interested in Mastery grading – “standards based grading”. Make a list of standards for the course (specific learning outcomes). Assessments – whether that standard has been mastered or not. Interviews?

8 thoughts on “Meeting Agenda and Notes 8/6/20”

  1. Hi Jonas,

    I’m reviewing my lessons for accessibility and the image that you used in your template lesson (which got copied when I cloned it) has been converted by the block editor to something that looks like html code. I can’t see to find a way to undo it. I also don’t see how to add a caption or description to it. Please help!! You can just go into my dashboard and view any of my lessons in the editor and see what I mean. Thanks in advance for the help!


    1. Hi Marianna,

      I did some poking around, and found the following:

      Since the picture is strictly decorative (doesn’t convey important information), it’s OK if it doesn’t have alt text (

      To fix the annoying looking code, you can replace it with a proper image block as follows:

      a. click in the code.
      b. Select the button with three dots “…” from the right side of the popup menu, choose Remove block
      c. Insert a block in the same place by clicking the green “+” in the upper left. Choose the block “Image” under the “Media” section of the block library.
      d. Choose the Media Library option – I added that pic to your media library, just select it and click ok.

      Hope this helps – bug me if you have questions,

  2. Hi Kate – could you give me an example of a page that produces the weird “Accordion” bug (i.e. a page with an accordion block, that weirdly adds an additional accordion block at the bottom each time you click “Edit”)?
    Thank you!

  3. Hi everyone,
    Have other people been consistently getting the alert message “There is an autosave version of this post/page that is more recent than this one” — even when you *just* updated the post/page? Pretty sure this is a bug that came with the recent OpenLab update, but wanted to hear from others (It’s been happening to Ezra, at least).

    1. I’m also getting the autosave message. I usually ignore it. Today when I checked the work I did yesterday, I saw that many of the things I had done were not updated — even though I saw them updated last night. I then clicked on the autosave version, and was able to recover my work.

      I have been experiencing some delays with the block editor. When I click on a box, it takes me several seconds to get a prompt. If I am not patient and start doing things around, everything gets messed up. This is making things incredibly more difficult to work.

        1. Hi there – just to say that our developer got back to us:

          1) Re the autosave issue, he’s seen something like this before and needs more info to diagnose: “Specifically, could you please provide URLs, and also info about whether the Block or Classic editor is being used?”

          2) Re the slowness: “It’s possible that it’s linked to a specific site, or a specific time of day. Could I please get more info about the report? The affected URL is the most important piece of information, though it would also be helpful to know some info about the user’s setup (browser, OS) as well as whether it’s specific to a specific day, or time of day.”

          Could you provide this info? Thanks so much!

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