Homework (15%): Each week you will be assigned online homework to be completed in WeBWorK.  All problems completed will earn points towards your homework grade.

Attendance and Class Participation (15%): You are expected to ask/answer questions and communicate with your classmates during our live lectures on BCU, as well as participate in forum discussions on Blackboard, etc.

Exams (20%): There will be 3 exams during the semester.  No makeup exams will be given.  If you miss an exam for a valid reason, your final exam score will take the place of the missing exam.

Oral defense quizzes (20%): There will be 2 oral defense quizzes for each student during the semester. They will take place on BCU.

Final Exam (30%): A final exam is given on the last day of class covering all topics. The final exam must be taken to pass the course.