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Exam #2 Review

Listed below are the topics and exercises (listed according to WebWork assignments in italics) to review for Exam #2, which we will be on Thursday, March 29.

The first two topics were included on Exam #1 (note that solutions to Exam #1 are available in the course profile’s Files):

  • ComplexFractions-Method1: #3-4, 6
    • textbook: Sec 5.4, Examples 1-5
    • Exam #1: #4
    • Final Exam Review: #3 (download FER sheet from Files)
  • ComplexNumbers: #3-8
    • textbook: Sec 6.8, Examples 5-7
    • Exam #1: #6
    • Final Exam Review: #5

The new topics that will be on this exam:

  • SquareRootProperty: #7-9
    • textbook: Sec 7.1, Examples 2-3, 5
    • Quiz #2 (solutions will uploaded to our course profile’s Files)
  • QuadraticFormula: all
    • textbook: Sec 7.2, Examples 1-2
    • Final Exam Review: #1
  • Graphs of Quadratic Functions: complete/review the handout HW!
    • ShiftingParabolas: all
    • ParabolaVertices-CtS: #1-2
    • Final Exam Review: #2
    • Quiz #3
  • Circles: #1-4
    • textbook: Sec 9.1, Examples 3-5
    • Final Exam Review: #4

First complete all the open WebWork assignments, then go on to reviewing the earlier material!

Note that you can always find links to Khan Academy videos for all the course material on the MAT1275 Student Video Resources OpenLab site, organized according to the syllabus. There are also links to the relevant pages within the “Set Info” section of each WebWork assignment (on the RHS of the webpage when you view the problem list for a given WebWork set).

On-Campus Math Tutoring Schedules

There is a lot of free on-campus math tutoring available that you can utilize:

1) There are math tutors available Mon-Fri in the Atrium Learning Center (AG-25; ground floor of the Atrium):

Atrium Learning Center - Math Tutoring



2) The Math Department runs a separate tutoring program, with tutors available Mon-Fri:

Math Department Tutoring



In addition, a complete list of tutoring services available at CityTech, across all departments, is available on the College website: