Exam #3 Review / Homework Assignment

Listed below are the topics to review for Exam #3, which we will be on Tuesday, May 1.

For each topic you will see some exercises listed from the Final Exam Review Sheet. Please write out the solutions to these exercises and hand them in on the day of the exam–this will count as a homework assignment.  As always, show all your work.

[A copy of the Final Exam Review sheet was handed out in class, but you can also find the pdf (including answers, so you can check your solutions) here.]

  • Graphing a quadratic function y = -x^2 + bx + c
    • Final Exam Review: #2(c)
  • Solving a 3×3 linear system of equations
    • Final Exam Review: #6(a)
  • Solving a nonlinear system of equations
    • Final Exam Review: #7(a)(b)
  • Solving an exponential equation (using logarithms and a calculator)
    • Final Exam Review: #12(a)(b)
  • Evaluating logarithms:
    • Final Exam Review: #13(a)(b)(c)(d)
  • Trigonometry in the Coordinate Plane
    • Final Exam Review: #8(a)(c)

Also, a reminder to complete all open WebWork assignments, then go on to work on these exercises.

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