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Exam #1 Review

Listed below are the topics and exercises (listed according to WebWork assignments) to review for Exam #1, which we will be on Thursday March 1.Ā  Also listed are the sections and examples inĀ the textbook which cover each topic:

  • IntegerExponents: review Problems #4-8
  • AddRationalExpressions2: #1-4 (i.e., all)
    • textbook: Sec 5.3, Examples 5-9
  • ComplexFractions-Method1: #3-4, 6
    • textbook: Sec 5.4, Examples 1-5
  • SimplifyingRadicals: #1-7
    • textbook: Sec 6.3, Examples 1,3,4,7
  • AddSubtractRadicals: #1-7
    • textbook: Sec 6.4, Examples 1,3,4
  • ComplexNumbers: #3-8
    • textbook: Sec 6.8, Examples 5-7
  • ZeroProductProperty: #1-4
    • textbook: Sec 5.3, Examples 5-9
  • Quiz #1 (solutionsĀ have beenĀ uploaded toĀ our course profile’sĀ Files)

First complete all the open WebWork assignments (the last 4 sets listed above), then go on to reviewing the earlier material!

The material on ComplexNumbers was covered in class on Thursday Feb 22.Ā  We have already mentioned the material on the ZeroProductProperty in class a few times, and we did a quick review of that material on Tuesday, Feb 27.

Also note that you can find links to Khan Academy videos for all the course material on the MAT1275 Student Video Resources OpenLab site, organized according to the syllabus. There are also links to the relevant pages within the “Set Info” section of each WebWork assignment (on the RHS of the webpage when you view the problem list for a given WebWork set).

Extra Credit Assignment: Compound Interest (Part 1)

This is an extra credit assignment on compound interest.Ā  Shown below is a worksheet which guides you through the mathematics of compound interest.Ā  Also embedded below are the two videos you need to watch to complete the worksheet.

(In order to download the pdf to print it out, go to Files.)

MAT1275/D518: Compound Interest Extra Credit Assignment, Part 1



PatrickJMT — ā€œDeriving the Annual Compound Interest Formulaā€: