Eva Machauf I COMD 3501 I OL01

Author: Aleexx Martinez

Paula Scher Videos

In “Do What You’ve Never Done Before” when Paula said design has a purpose and art doesn’t, I agree. When it comes to design, you have to proofread, do research, have reasons on why did you make these choices and etc because you’re developing these digital media for clients. For art, it has no purpose, there are no rules, you can do whatever you want because you’re doing it for yourself. I remember I designed a website for a client, I made huge changes because the colors that I pick were associated with their brand colors, I changed the images that they had because they’re not selling that product and can get in trouble for copyright issues. In “Great Design is serious, not solemn” when Paula showed “The Career Staircase”, she said “In your 20’s the riser are very high, the step is very short and you make huge discoveries. You sort of leap up very quickly in your youth. That’s because you don’t know anything and you have a lot to learn. ..” As a young designer, I agree with what she said because I have so much to learn on how the real world works in the design industry. Fortunately, I’m willing to learn new experiences. I’m surprised Paula doesn’t like “Helvetica”, even though I don’t use the font a lot, I don’t dislike it.

Louise Fill: Typography and Gastronomy

I was impressed how a simple design book cover can have a huge message like “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras.  I can relate when Louise said, “two, you should never sit around to wait for the phone to ring.”  You shouldn’t wait for someone or something to tell you what to do.  You can use the spare time to focus on your projects that will inspire you to have a personal design voice.  It was unique how she turned the legal information (copyright page) into an object that is based on the book.  One of the designs that got my attention was, she was curious about how can someone remember or pronounce the name of “Picholine”.  She developed to add the symbol of olives to boost the restaurant’s recognition.  Another design that I found phenomenal was she had a client that named their restaurant in numbers, she decided to go out and get inspiration.  She took a photo of a “9” and a “2”. Then she photoshops the numbers, developed an outline of the design, and used that as a coloring page on the Kid’s Menu.  Another design that I enjoyed was she had a client that wanted a restaurant with a cinematic theme.  For the menus, there was one for “Lunch”, “Dinner” and “Fin” for the desserts, a good way to end a delicious meal (save the best for last).  For “The Mermaid Inn” had a creative way to give the customers their receipt.  Which was a half-open sardine can that has their receipt inside.  Having the primary and secondary colors for the cans made it stand out for the brand.  What I’ve noticed on Louise’s packages is they all have a vintage, old school, and a twist of contemporary design because of the typography, shapes, patterns, and illustrations.  The designs give the packages a personality of the brand.      

The Weird Science of Naming New Products

My thoughts on this article are I’ve never heard of Anthony Shore until now.  I didn’t know Shore named a lot of companies, products, websites, ingredients, and colors.  Anthony was accountable for SoyJoy, Lytro, Yum, and other 160 distinct names.  In the U.S a lot of businesses open up and need a name for their items.  I agree that products, characters, or any noun develop an understanding that is shared of something.  Interesting to find out that the name of “piano” has nothing to do with sounds.  I just tried saying “fip” and “fop” to see which word is faster, I agree “fip” is quicker because “fop”, my jaw drops and it creates a heavy and deep sound.  I find it interesting how the sound of words and letters creates characteristics of a noun, action, verb, or adjective.  Also, coming up with a word that isn’t real is unique and a great impression like “ixxéo.”


Hello, my name is Aleexx Martinez but my original name is “Alex”. I just added two e’s and x’s because I want my name to be unique, no offense to the Alex’s. I’m a DACA recipient and was born in Mexico. I really do enjoy using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Premiere Pro. I love developing magazines or menus in InDesign, InDesign doesn’t get enough appreciation! But I’m willing to learn new techniques in the adobe software, from my professor and colleagues! My favorite hobbies are writing songs, playing the piano, and listening to music (I can’t pick a favorite artist because I love all of them. But my favorite album for 2020 is “It Was Divine” by Alina Baraz, I recommended you to listen to it.) My pronouns are he/him and I owe a rottweiler. My plan is to get an internship during college, talk with other designers and get a 9-5 job for advertisement. I’m looking forward to this class :)!