Hello, my name is Aleexx Martinez but my original name is “Alex”. I just added two e’s and x’s because I want my name to be unique, no offense to the Alex’s. I’m a DACA recipient and was born in Mexico. I really do enjoy using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Premiere Pro. I love developing magazines or menus in InDesign, InDesign doesn’t get enough appreciation! But I’m willing to learn new techniques in the adobe software, from my professor and colleagues! My favorite hobbies are writing songs, playing the piano, and listening to music (I can’t pick a favorite artist because I love all of them. But my favorite album for 2020 is “It Was Divine” by Alina Baraz, I recommended you to listen to it.) My pronouns are he/him and I owe a rottweiler. My plan is to get an internship during college, talk with other designers and get a 9-5 job for advertisement. I’m looking forward to this class :)!

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