I was impressed how a simple design book cover can have a huge message like “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras.  I can relate when Louise said, “two, you should never sit around to wait for the phone to ring.”  You shouldn’t wait for someone or something to tell you what to do.  You can use the spare time to focus on your projects that will inspire you to have a personal design voice.  It was unique how she turned the legal information (copyright page) into an object that is based on the book.  One of the designs that got my attention was, she was curious about how can someone remember or pronounce the name of “Picholine”.  She developed to add the symbol of olives to boost the restaurant’s recognition.  Another design that I found phenomenal was she had a client that named their restaurant in numbers, she decided to go out and get inspiration.  She took a photo of a “9” and a “2”. Then she photoshops the numbers, developed an outline of the design, and used that as a coloring page on the Kid’s Menu.  Another design that I enjoyed was she had a client that wanted a restaurant with a cinematic theme.  For the menus, there was one for “Lunch”, “Dinner” and “Fin” for the desserts, a good way to end a delicious meal (save the best for last).  For “The Mermaid Inn” had a creative way to give the customers their receipt.  Which was a half-open sardine can that has their receipt inside.  Having the primary and secondary colors for the cans made it stand out for the brand.  What I’ve noticed on Louise’s packages is they all have a vintage, old school, and a twist of contemporary design because of the typography, shapes, patterns, and illustrations.  The designs give the packages a personality of the brand.      

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