It is interesting hearing about typography design and book jacket design from Louise Fili. She believed that book designs weren’t innovative and would always follow a formula and she was there to change that and try to be different with her typography design. “The Lovers” cover was simple and understated yet successful which proved her point on how type didn’t have to be loud and in your face to be successful. I really agree with her sentiment that no designer should just wait around for others to tell them what to do but rather should be working on their own projects as much as possible. I really like and relate to her persistence and drive to push design boundaries and be innovative no matter what “the rules” are of design. I love how inspired/obsessed she is by Italy and food and how she always photographs things for inspiration. She always takes inspiration from things around her or things she stumbles upon. All of her designs usually have a very vintage and/or Italian look to them which speaks to how she expresses herself through her designs. I pretty much loved all of her work she discussed and it was clear to see how creative and passionate she is about design which is really inspiring to me.

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