It was interesting that art directors back at that time were “poorly paid that they had to freelance for one another.” It was also interesting that designers had to create their own maps to follow when creating something to publish. Louise was enjoying designing the interior of the book since she designed book covers for so long. Louise then started to take type and put it into an image which was really cool. She said that it took some time for her to convince the client to agree to put the copyright page into an image. Louise then started to design for a restaurant what was cool about that was when restaurants closed down she was able to keep the design she made for the restaurants which was a win-win for her since she got to keep the design. People think that having a random name for a restaurant is alright all you need is someone to do a fancy design and it would all work out. But that isn’t how it works you should have some kind of background on the name of the restaurant. This tells me that as a designer we have to do research as well as the client for everything to work out well, and for a brand/logo to work well. Also sometimes going out of your comfort zone is also good because you can create something that is different and unique out of all the designs out there that already exist.

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