I was quite amazed after reading this article because I didn’t know that it’s so difficult to name the companies. Finding a name was not easy to find. But well I have experienced it because I know how hard it was for my client to choose the name of the restaurant. However, it was great to know how Anthony Shore helped the companies with names because he named many things, such as the website, companies, products, and colors. In the arcane world of corporate branding as a name, Shore was known. Shore provided 150 students from Stanford and Berkeley with a questionnaire, asking them questions such as Which sounds faster, “fip” or “fop”. “Fip” has been quicker than “fop,” Leben says, because of the way the sounds were made in the mouth. “Fip” feels lighter and quicker because there is just a limited amount of exposed vocal tract. In all, he was responsible for 160 separate brands, including “SoyJoy (the health bar), Lytro (the camera), and Yum! (the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell), as well as lesser-known names like Avaya, Enormo, Fanhattan, Freescale, Homestyler, Kixx, Mylo, Pause, Rig, Scribe, Spontania, Valchemy, Wonderful and Zact.”

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