Hi! My name is Isranoor Syed and I’m in my 6th semester at City Tech making me a junior. My major is Communication Design and concentration is Graphic Design. My Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign skills are pretty good but I’m strongest/most comfortable in InDesign. I chose to take this class because I was curious about it and wanted to learn more. My career goals are to get an internship during college, work in a design firm or advertising agency after graduating, and one day becoming a creative director or art director. One interesting thing about me (or just a big flex which ever way you see it lol) is that I have had 1-2 of my works in every student art show every semester I’ve been in City Tech which is since Fall 2018. My hobbies are reading fiction/fantasy novels, playing video games (usually jrpgs), playing guitar, and learning piano.

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