Final Exam Thursday, Dec. 16

The final exam for PHIL 2203ID will be Thursday, 12/16. You may start any time between 4 and 5:15pm, but once you start, you will have only 75 minutes (that is, 1 hr 15 mins) to complete it; any time you take beyond that will be penalized, 2 pts/minute. 

You will receive a link to the exam at 4pm in whatever email you have registered on Blackboard. You can also find it under “Content” in Blackboard after 4:00pm. 

The exam is open book and open notes. I recommend that you study carefully for it by filling out the study sheet ahead of time. Most of the questions require understanding concepts, not simply repeating answers from the study sheet. I will be available via email between 4 and 5:15pm, if you have any questions or technical problems. 

Do NOT plagiarize from the internet. Utilizing answers from class materials and lectures is acceptable. Plagiarism from the internet is grounds for a zero score on the test.

If you need a special exception you need to contact me. If for some reason you don’t contact me and also don’t take it at the appointed time, you will need a documented excuse (either medical or related to bereavement) for permission to take it at another time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. M

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