Homework assignment 4, due Tuesday 11/2

Create a draft thesis and arguments for your paper

Note: you do NOT need to hand this assignment in to turnitin.com YET. Please prepare it ahead of time for class, where you will work on it in pairs. You will need to upload a revised version by midnight to turnitin.com on Thursday, 11/2.

Please read the handout on OpenLab, 2. Preparing a written report for your case (also found under “Assignments”—“Case Project”)

We have practiced identifying the thesis and supporting arguments for articles we have read and for articles summarized in the annotated bibliography. Now it is time for you to develop a draft thesis for your written case report, along with supporting arguments.

For the homework assignment, please do each of the 4 parts below. Please be as concise as possible—there is no need to write more than 150 words total.

  1. Background: in about 2 sentences, give a brief background explaining what your case is about. This should be clear enough that a student who is not familiar with your case can read it and gain familiarity with the most important facts of the case.
  2. Main Ethical Dilemma: In 1 sentence, explain what you think the main ethical dilemma in your case is. An ethical dilemma is a choice that must be made in which all possible decisions violate some ethical norms. It should be worded as a question (e.g., “should the doctor do X or Y?”). The main ethical dilemma is the most important ethical dilemma in the case.
  3. Thesis: please formulate your thesis in one sentence. The thesis should summarize your main recommendation for what should happen in your case. It should respond to the main ethical issue. It should be a truth claim that is concise and appropriately specific. These are characteristics of any good thesis, as we discussed in class. The thesis should also be normative. It should explain what someone in the case—usually the health professionals—should do.
  4. Arguments: please formulate 2-3 brief arguments (i.e. 1-2 sentences each) in support of your thesis. It should be clear to someone not familiar with your case how these arguments support your thesis.

Homework Assignment 3: Take a short quiz on academic integrity before next class (10/5)

Dear Class, 

Please take a very short quiz on Blackboard before the beginning of next class (before 4pm on Tuesday 10/5).

Academic Integrity Quiz

You can also find it on Blackboard, under “Content.”

The quiz will cover the contents of this sheet on Academic Integrity, as well as our discussion today in class. Make sure you are there and listening, or that you get notes from someone if you can’t make it today!

Feel free to use the sheet or your notes during the quiz. 

See you soon. 

Dr. M

Homework Assignment 2, due 9/28

Make an annotated bibliography entry for the assigned reading:

Mazor, Kathleen M, George W Reed, Robert A Yood, Melissa A Fischer, Joann Baril, and Jerry H Gurwitz. 2006. “Disclosure of medical errors.”  Journal of General Internal Medicine 21 (7):704-710.

You can find the article here.

This is an empirical article, so be sure to use the format for an empirical article. Your entry should include three things: 

  1. The actual reference (formatted in Chicago Author-Date Style). You may cut and paste from above for this assignment.
  2. Conclusions. 
    • “Conclusions” are the claims that the authors think are supported by the evidence they present. They should be general and in the present tense.
  1. Evidence 
    • This section should briefly explain what the authors did (their “methods) and what they observed (their “results”). The results should clearly support the conclusions listed above. They should be specific and in the past tense.

Be sure to label each of the three sections. You do not need to include the fourth section, “relevance to my case,” because this piece is not necessarily relevant to your assigned group case. 

Your entry should be in your own words. Your submission should be at least a half page (double-spaced), but should not exceed one page.

(150-300 words)

Please submit the assignment to turnitin.com before class (i.e. before 4:00 pm). 

Revised Homework Assignment 1, due tomorrow before class (9/23)

Revise your previous work on the LeMorvan and Stock article. Please remember to submit the assignment to turnitin.com before class tomorrow (before 4pm on 9/23).

1. Make sure your thesis meets the criteria discussed in class. This means your thesis should be:

a. a truth claim (about the topic of the article, not the article)

b. concise

c. appropriately specific

2. Make sure that the arguments you mention support the thesis you have identified. This means that it should be clear how they make the thesis more probably true.

3. Double check to make sure you have not used the author’s words without using quotation marks!

Homework Assignment 1, due Tuesday 9/21

Read the article, “Medical learning curves and the Kantian ideal” (Le Morvan and Stock, link in syllabus) and answer the following questions concisely: 

  1. What is the thesis of this piece? 

2. Briefly explain two major arguments the authors use to support their thesis. 

Your answer should be at least half a page but no more than one page (handwritten or typed and double spaced), or about 150-300 words. Submit the assignment on turnitin.com before class on 9/21 (i.e. before 3:59pm)