Outline Genre Project  Podcast- Afrah Mohsin

This is an interview podcast


I will find a clip of A news report or a person talking 

My name is Afrah, 

And I will be asking Muslim women questions about the hijab. 

The hijab is a head covering that Muslim women wear in public.

Muslim women who choose to wear it are wearing it because the hijab is a symbol of faith and modesty and a way to represent their religion. 

Many Muslim women around the world are forced to wear the hijab by their families or the government. 

In countries like Iran Muslim women are protesting against their government to end hijab enforcement. 

In this podcast, I will be interviewing Professor Sa’ada who wears the hijab about how she thinks about hijab.


Afrah- What does hijab mean to you?

Professor Sa’ada- …

Afrah- what do you think about young Muslim girls who are protesting against hijab in Iran?

Professor Sa’ada- …

Afrah- what would you do if you were forced to wear the hijab?

Professor Sa’ada- …

Afrah- tell me about the first time you wore the hijab and how you felt?

Professor Sa’ada- …

Afrah- do you think that it is right in Islam to force women to wear the hijab?

Professor Sa’ada- …

Afrah- how can we solve this conflict about hijab enforcement?

Professor Sa’ada- …


Thank you professor Sa’ad for your participation in this podcast. 

The message of this podcast is to stop the force of hijab. 

Let everyone wear whatever they decide to wear.

(At the end i will find a clip of a video, music)

1 thought on “Outline Genre Project  Podcast- Afrah Mohsin”

  1. Give a little background on Prof. Saada Muntasser — Is she American Muslim? What is her family heritage country? Also give info that she is an English Prof at City Tech.

    Better: Prof. Muntasser, you do wear the hijb, but — what would you do if you were forced to wear the hijab by the government or by your family? (not sure exactly if I am wording this appropriately, but your question suggests that she does NOT wear the hijab.

    Based on your understanding, what is the Islamic religion’s teaching on women wearing the hijab? Does the religion “force” women to wear it? Why? What is the reason behind this?

    Use the effective questions handout to make your queestion more open-ended

    ALSO you need to write out the entire parapgraph of whatyou will say as your introduction. You have only given me bulllet points for your intro. I want the entire parapgraph with ideas that make a smooth introduction with background information. For example you only mention briefly what is happened Iran. BUT you read an entire source article on this conflict, so give some important background, so you audience knows the seriousness of what is happening today to women who dare to protest the hijab enforcement. Also give background on the important place of women at the forefront of change in Muslim countries. REMEMBER ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NOW HAVE AFTER DOING THE RESEARCH AND SHOW THIS IN YOUR INTRODUCTION!


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