Assignment 1 (Final Part) Finalizing the logo and brainstorming ideas for additional supporting elements, graphics, and key visuals.

Assignment 1 (part F) Finalizing the logo and brainstorming ideas for additional supporting elements, graphics, and key visuals.

Assignment Objective: The objective of this assignment is to guide you through the process of selecting a final logo for a chosen brand or project, along with the development of supporting elements and key visuals. This assignment aims to enhance your understanding of the importance of a well-designed logo and its role in brand identity, while also emphasizing the significance of supporting elements and key visuals in reinforcing brand recognition and messaging. 

Step 1: Final Logo Selection

Choose one logo concept as the final design.

Explain your rationale for selecting this particular logo, highlighting how it aligns with the brand’s values and goals.

Step 2: Supporting Elements:

Develop supporting elements that complement the logo and enhance brand identity. This may include taglines, color palettes, and visual motifs.

Explain the significance of each supporting element in reinforcing the brand’s messaging.

Step 3: Key Visuals

Create a concept for key visuals that can be consistently used across various marketing materials, such as advertisements, social media, and packaging.

Describe how these key visuals contribute to brand recognition and recall.

Examples of final deliverables|personal+branding+|personal+branding+|personal+branding+

Mockups for logo proof examples can be found here: 

Stationary mockups: 

T-shirt Mockups

Hat Mockups:

Project Template

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit a visual report detailing the brand selection, research, logo design process, feedback received, and final logo selection on Behance.
  • Final layouts and presentations (1920×1080)can be designed in Illustrator Indesign Photoshops With JPGs uploaded to Behance. 
  • Include visual materials such as sketches, digital drafts, and the final logo design.
  • Present your work during the designated presentation session.

Assessment Criteria: Your assignment will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality in logo design.
  • Alignment of the logo with the brand’s identity and messaging.
  • Effectiveness of supporting elements and key visuals in enhancing brand recognition.
  • Clarity and professionalism of the presentation.

Due: All designs must be finalized and uploaded to Behance before class on Thursday, 10/19, with an in-class presentation on 10/19

Submit the final link to Behance project Via Google Form

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