Culmination Project 2014


This is a picture of my Fairy Wings I made for my culmination Project.

This is my culmination project, which is a thesis but for entertainment technology majors. I decided to make a pair of fairy wings and the process was long but worth it. My Goal was to make a fantasy come alive. These wings can be used in different situations such as an entertainer, a costume piece, a parade or a theater production. Many free lancers are wearing wings to children parties to entertain and amuse children. Please take a look at my budget and calendar and presentations.

My budget ended up being different than the budget that I had accounted for due to the sample materials and testing fails.


This is a Calendar of how long the project took me to make:

Calender for Culmination

This is the presentation I made in Power Point to tell how I made the wings.

Fantasy Fairy Wings presentation



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