Problem #2: Stage With Logo

Problem #2: Stage with logo

                Problem number 2 was a situation where a racked stage was involved. My group needed to figure out how to accommodate 2 groups using the stage and produce a logo on the stage. We thought about different ways to solve the problem and came up with a solution, make the Logo in the shop on an earlier date then after the first group performed just replace those lids with the logo materials. We learned a few things and Irene made draftings and I made an estimate and Steven made a schedule.

My job was to make the estimate. I used the technical drawings to determine on how much materials I would need. My group spoke after every class to discuss what our goals were. Those goals included drafting and build dates and materials estimates. I spent about a week trying to figure out the budget and getting quotes. The hardest part was specking the different sized wood and organizing the information in a way anyone could read it. I made table of the materials and organized the information under categories and to make it make sense to someone else was difficult. We referenced other works we have done in the past to get our strategy for this situation and it worked. We had a good idea to solve the problem using past experience and lessons learned.

Raked stages are commonly used in any situation and many people need to use the stage after each other, like concerts and live events. This is definitely a scenario that can happen in the real world. Something that may be different is the way we scheduled the workers. We scheduled the crew to install the logo after the show so they can get it done, but in reality it may not happen till the next day.

I learned that a raked stage takes a lot of work to do. Always plan out your ideas and have meetings constantly about where you are in the project. I also realized asking questions is not always a bad thing. I will apply meetings to all my projects in groups in the future and ask a lot more detailed questions.

Problem #2 took planning and a material estimate and a scheduling conflict. They were all dealt with by using past experience and referring to the internet for prices and advice. This type of situation where a group is going to come in after the next group will happen in a real world situation and one should always be prepared for it.

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