Problem 3: Curved Flats

Problem #3: Curved Flats

                The Problem number 3 was to build curved flats and be sturdy enough for a door to be slammed. My group was Sergio and Sarah. I worked on the estimate, Sarah worked on the schedule and Sergio worked on the drafting. Getting the molding and the estimates for it was a large task as well as getting a working cut list to make a proper estimate.

I worked on the Estimate. I called Dykes Lumber and specked out the lumber and the molding. An issue we has was to figure out how to make the molding go around the curved flats. My first thought was to not hit the drafting board like we did on other project but rather use the information provided and make a cut list. I looked at all the flats and found out from Dykes the sizes their wood comes in and based off that information figured how much each flat would need how much wood. Then the molding was difficult because we had to build the crown molding. My group decided to make a casing for the molding to go around using flex wood and molding since we had an unlimited budget I felt it was worth it. What was easy was putting all the information into readable charts and making an estimate page that was presentable since I had done it twice already.

Any play can call for a curved flat because it is a stage and designers are creative or just crazy. Some things that are different is the budget would not be unlimited so the molding may have to be thought out all over again. And Sand bags to hold down the flat when it is being slammed may work in theory but may not work in the space. Or the whole set could catch fire and we may not have a set anymore that is why I purchased a 5 gallon bucket of flame ex that cost me a lot of money . So we thought out situations that could happen and planned for them. Don’t burn down your set it is not a good idea.

I learned that working with a group is hard sometimes always make a good relationship where you get your wood from and always check your work with your group members to stay consistent. I learned how to speak with someone at a company like Dykes and get prices not a quote. Always have your information on hand before you call and make notes or they get mad.  In the future I will apply these lessons to any project I am working in a group with or need to call a company.

Problem number 3 was to solve how to make curved flats and how to make the molding curve. It was my job to help make the estimate and call Dykes and talk to them about pricing and wood.  I learned a few things about working in a group and made a curved flat as a sample. This was a good experience.

Here are some pictures of the Samples of curved flats Sergio and I made.

Curved flat 3 Curved flat peicesCurved flat 2

This is the materials list and the estimate for problem #3 the curved flats issues.

Problem 3 Estimate Curved Flats

Project 3 curved flats materials

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