Internship Journal Entry #7

I personally didn’t really attend any events, but I did get to have lunch with some of my coworkers that worked in Web design, and Social media. When interacting with them I got to know a Lady named Jenny which worked with the other Web Designers. Jenny always gave me feedback and helped me when I first started working at NYC Restaurant. When it came to any questions regarding a client, she always provided any new information I needed for a certain project.

By getting to know her I learned that she’s bilingual and loves to talk to everyone. She’s a very friendly and loves to help the Social Design coworkers. They usually need help editing images as well as how to use certain programs. So they always talk to her regarding their issues and Jenny quickly helps them. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be as comfortable at communicating with my future coworkers just like her.

Internship Journal Entry #6

When I finished the internship I felt like I did great work that all of the clients enjoyed. The project that I felt I did a lot of great work would be the Sahag projects. I had the chance to work first hand with the clients and got to know them. Also they gave me a lot of feedback that helped me finish the work quickly which was later reviewed by the client. I believe that the feedback I got from everyone helped my work stand out and made the clients enjoy my work. My supervisor pushed me to interact more with the clients, which made working a lot less complicated. By doing the Sahag project I got to edit a lot of images that I was provided with by the clients. At the end of the internship I believe that interacting with clients and my coworkers I got to be more comfortable with speaking. It made working in NYC Restaurant a lot more rewarding.

Internship Journal Entry #5

I arrived to work and my supervisor informed me of a project that revolved around a client that wanted a brochure of his Italian restaurants. The restaurant are called La carbonara, Luna Piena, Intermezzo, Maria Pia, and Cara Pia and they all do Italian Catering. Each restaurant had to be included in the brochure. I also included an image of the owner of all the restaurants and I made sure to add a small description. When it came to designing the menu itself I used bold fonts and San-serif fonts. I wanted the brochure to be straight forward and very legible. Also I used lines to made a border for each food section, which made the design stand out more. This project I got to work with my supervisor and some of my coworkers. They provided the images and they edited them as well, which they send once they were done with it. It was interesting working with other people because it made things a lot less complicated.

Internship Journal Entry #4 part 4

The day started off with my supervisor giving me two business card to design for 2 different clients. The first one I was working on was on a client that made Jewelry and she wanted a diamond in the middle. When making the business card I thought about the fonts  which she wanted it to be elegant and simple. I picked a script type font and san serif font that went well with the script type font. The bottom section that included her name, phone, email I used a light San serif font that went well with the top part. When the client viewed the business card she personally liked it and wanted me to change the Diamond, because it used to be blue.

The second business card I worked with was on luxury rides and my supervisor gave me a n old business that I had to redesign. The old business card had was very confusing, and it had a lot of 3D type which made the business card hard to look at. So I made a car logo with lines and made the logo type bold, which went well with the line art. In the back I added the logos of the vehicles that Luxury Rides 007 offered, and added his information in the bottom.

Internship Journal Entry #4 Part 3

The day started with a meeting to discuss the next project that revolved around Angus Club Steakhouse. My adviser showed me the booklet which had 21 pages of images, and information that discussed the restaurant’s food and the Chef Edward Avdyli. I used the previous booklet as an example as well as a guide.

When designing the booklet I had to take time to think about the placement of the images, and list of the menu. The menu took around 10 pages out of the whole booklet. Which at first was a bit complicated due to having issues on the set up. But once I figured it out everything went smoothly and a bit fast.

What I found the most challenging would be typing the whole menu since I didn’t have a pdf of it. Since the booklet was basically a menu I had to be very attentive on the spelling, placement, and the size of the text. Since I had a limited amount of space. When I was done I made sure to check every page for any spelling error or something I missed. Making the booklet was an interesting and rewarding experience.

Internship Journal Entry #4 part 2

I arrived on time for work and began to work on Sahag Products, which was another brochure but it focused on the products. Each image was also from the client which was necessary since the images of the products were low quality. They looked very pixelated and my adviser informed me that it wouldn’t print right.  Which I quickly added to the brochure and showed the client.

When it came to designing I kept everything aligned and made some of the type bold to show some contrast. As well as separate it from the rest of the body of text.  I mostly used Photoshop to fix the strands of hair that the client didn’t want. While using Indesign to fix the brochure and made sure the size of the brochure was correct.

While working on this I got to understand the importance of high quality product images. As well as communicating with clients since it helped me understand the company and what they stand for.


Internship Journal Entry #4 part 1

Last Journal entry I mentioned that the Sahag Client would come back and she did. My adviser and the client were talking to me and I got to fix more things in the brochure. Usually I have to fix any issues when the client comes, due to them being precise on what they want.  The big issue had to be the images. That the client kept wanting to switch. Which I got used to very quickly since the client had to leave.

When it came to designing the brochure I incorporated the images I was provided with. And tried to point out the most important information by the use of uppercase and boldness. I also made everything organized and aligned so it’s more clear and precise.

The Sahag Education brochure focused on the cost of the workshop classes as well as talked about the demos and afternoon hands-on workshop. There were three levels of the workshop which included Associate craftsman, Craftsman, and Master Craftsman. After fixing everything the client wanted to be fixed, she liked the end result. After the client left my adviser send me another project that also revolved around Sahag.

Internship Journal Entry #3

The first day at NYC Restaurant I came to know many of my coworkers, and I notice that everyone dresses in a comfortable attire. Each of my coworker had their own desk and everyone had a Mac computer to do their work on. The first day that I started working I was given a desk and information on the password of the computer. I was also giving information on the dropbox, since every font and files were there for each other clients that NYC Restaurant work on.

Typically my coworkers came to work around 9:30am and had lunch around 1-2pm. They either went outside to eat lunch or got a snack and enjoyed their lunch in a small room. When it came to work I wore comfortable jean and a shirt and came to work everyday at exactly 10:30am-5 or 6pm. The hour I did depended on my supervisor, since sometime he needed me for extra small projects.

Internship Journal Entry #2

Finding an internship was complicated until I manage to find an Internship at NYC Restaurant that’s located in Manhattan. My supervisor name is David Lindo and I came across the internship by looking on blackboards helpful content. After looking on blackboard I quickly contacted my supervisor, and he asked that I bring my portfolio for the interview. I had a conversation with him regarding what my tasks would be once I started working.

My supervisor asked me questions regarding my experience on the programs such as Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. As well as questions about my education at City Tech. My adviser informed me that I would be mostly working on Graphic Design which included Menu Design, Brochure Design, Booklet Design, and Business card design. As well as other small tasks that my coworkers needed help with. After the interview I waited one day and I later got a message stating that I got the internship.

Internship Journal Entry #1

The day was February 21st, 2017 that I found an internship that I found interesting and relatable. The company is called NYC Restaurant and they work with the Hospitality businesses on their website, print, and social media.  The size of the company is around 11-50 employees and it’s located in Manhattan. The primary work that NYC Restaurant is known for is Web Design and Print.

The clients are mostly Hospitality businesses such as Delmonico’s, the Seafire Grill, Tablao, Croissanteria, Angus Club steakhouse, White Oak, Benjamin Steakhouse, Route 66 Smokehouse, etc. NYC Restaurant has received Adobe Amuse site of the day on many website which got chosen over countless submissions. I’ll be working on the Graphic Design work that my supervisor and coworkers need help with.