Internship Journal Entry #5

I arrived to work and my supervisor informed me of a project that revolved around a client that wanted a brochure of his Italian restaurants. The restaurant are called La carbonara, Luna Piena, Intermezzo, Maria Pia, and Cara Pia and they all do Italian Catering. Each restaurant had to be included in the brochure. I also included an image of the owner of all the restaurants and I made sure to add a small description. When it came to designing the menu itself I used bold fonts and San-serif fonts. I wanted the brochure to be straight forward and very legible. Also I used lines to made a border for each food section, which made the design stand out more. This project I got to work with my supervisor and some of my coworkers. They provided the images and they edited them as well, which they send once they were done with it. It was interesting working with other people because it made things a lot less complicated.