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Start counting the hours!

In little more than a minute, the 2013 Literary Arts Festival will be exactly two days away! What can you do to share your enthusiasm? Here are ten things to do with that excitement:

  1. Go see Brooklyn Castle. There is a screening Wednesday at 1:00 in the Atrium Amphitheater, and some classes are screening it as well.
  2. Can’t get to a screening? Look for some clips online. If you find any, why not link us there on the  Brooklyn Castle page on our site.
  3. Share your thoughts about Brooklyn Castle by adding a comment on the Brooklyn Castle page on our site.
  4. Share your thoughts on your class’s OpenLab site, or even in your ePortfolio.
  5. Look back at some older posts here on this site–there are clips of interviews with both speakers. You can also read tweets tagged #LAF2013 in the sidebar of this site–scroll down and look on the right.
  6. Tell your tweeps. Use the hashtag #LAF2013.
  7. Not much of a tweeter yourself? Retweet some of the most interesting tweets leading up to the festival and during the festival.
  8. You’re allowed to tweet during the Literary Arts Festival?! Sure–help us keep the backchannel active by using the hashtag #LAF2013. If you’re there with your class, you might want to talk to your professor first.
  9. Encourage your classmates and friends to go to the festival–5:30pm on Thursday, 4/18, at 240 Jay Street, in the Midway Auditorium.