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Assignment 1

How is change managed in a city? Who manages that changes? Do people have a right to the city?

As the population of New York City is actively increasing the city itself seems to be improving overall. There are new changes that benefit New Yorkers as a place to live. Mayor Bloomberg, who agree to the ideas of “improve this city”. The mayor is allowing the plans of tall buildings to be built in Brooklyn. However, there are cons to those plans. In a film called “My Brooklyn”, they explain how Brooklyn’s markets and stores are being overpriced and kicking people from their location to replacing with new modern office buildings. We as New Yorkers should have a right to our city. This means that our voice should be heard.  However, now they are trying to clear out Fulton Mall… A place where you can hear jazz playing and people promoting their sales. People who work at the mall are trying to protest to keep it open. However, the city isn’t listening to them and giving everyone a deadline to leave the building. These people are being mistreated. Their voices are not truly being heard. So, do we have a right in our city? When it really matters… the people who “own” the city (government) make it harder for the true creators of New York to promote change. The true creators are the people working in that mall pushing their limits to create business and earn money for their families.