Urban Walking

I live literally not even half a block away from the subway station. In the city, it seems a lot more convenient to find public transportation. ThereĀ is also a lot more traffic because the streets are now designed to be more narrow because of the bicycle lanes and just one and two lanes for cars to drive. Where I live, when I step foot out of the door, I am facing a street where cars are waitingĀ for theĀ traffic light. Beyond that,Ā is where the Sara D. Roosevelt park is. After I step foot out the door, I turn the left and start walking to reach the Grand Street trainĀ station, B and D. Before that, I have to wait at the stop sign for the light to change. Around where I live are mostly Asian markets and Asian bakeries, there will always be bakeriesĀ opened as earliest at 6am and filled with people rushing to buy breakfast.Ā There is never a moment where I do not see a crowded street because many people just exited the subway station, meaning that I might have just missed my train.

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