The real idea of observing

Just as in the excerpt we just read, I travel back and forth from Staten Island through Manhattan to Brooklyn for school and work daily. I like to take in my daily occurrences and observing my surroundings while on the ferry and the plenty of trains I’m required to take. I like to observe the other riders on the ferry early in the morning of rush hour. From that you get to know everyone around you. Once in a while ill tend to look out the windows and just watch the water move from the boat because after a long day that becomes calming and just nice to watch when there aren’t tourists around there. When I’m not traveling for work or school and I’m going to the city for leisure I tend to look to see all the skyscrapers all over and admire the beauty of the city because that’s why I love living in the great city. I believe my observations are very different to the author because he actually went through all the boroughs and took everything in even the small things. Though I do have similar ways because of my almost four hours of traveling back and forth I tend to observe more of my surroundings then I would if I had a shorter commute. The power of serendipity to expose our commonalities is true being the bliss and realness of our life occurrences and observations living in the city bring that out more.

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