Group work this week: Podcast scripting, recording, and editing

This week is all about writing your podcast scripts, recording, and editing. Next Tuesday groups can finish editing and recording (see Prof. Almeida’s instructions), and presentations begin next Thursday, May 16 and continue on May 21. We have use of the library classroom and the library projection room for groups to record in a quiet space during class. Groups can always use the library study rooms to record anytime the library is open. One member of each group should create a SoundCloud account where you will upload the final cut of your podcast.

Groups presenting on May 16:

Happiness: Huiyi, Charlie, Cristian, Bryan

Open Space: Wenderin, Laurin, Michelle

Evolution of Place: Yang, Huiyi, Shuwen, Maria

Health: Javonni, Dalila, Mohamad

Groups presenting on May 21:

Gentrification: Jodian, Karen, Jayden

Safety: Stephanie, Marvin, Santanu

During last Thursday’s workshop a few people asked about using music. Start your search for CC-licensed music that you can legally use at CCMixter, Jamendo, or one of the other sites listed here. You can find non-music sounds that are free to use at

Please help the City Tech library out by taking a very short survey. If you provide your name and email address, you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card, but it is fine to take the survey anonymously.

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