Getting ready for podcast presentations on Thursday 5/16 and Tuesday 5/21

As we move to the last 2 meetings of the semester, a few reminders about producing the final project. Everyone received an invitation to the Barclays Center project OpenLab site. Please join so you can post all content described below.

One member of every group should have a SoundCloud account; that person is responsible for uploading the final cut of the podcast. The group should work together to determine what Creative Commons license to assign and metadata (keywords & tags) to assign.

Group projects are due on the project site by the end of class on Tuesday, May 21. In one blog post you should post the following:

  • a link to the podcast on SoundCloud
  • the bibliography, including citations for all music/audio used
  • a link to the the group outline
  • a few images (sketches or photos) from group members’ site visits that you feel capture the spirit of your podcast.

Please get in touch via email or OpenLab message with any questions about finishing and submitting the assignment through the project site.

Groups presenting on May 16:

Happiness: Huiyi, Charlie, Cristian, Bryan

Evolution of Place: Yang, Huiyi, Shuwen, Maria

Health: Javonni, Dalila, Mohamad

Groups presenting on May 21:

Gentrification: Jodian, Karen, Jayden

Safety: Stephanie, Marvin, Santanu

Open Space: Wenderin, Laurin, Michelle

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