working hard but it all taken away

The citizens rights and opinions are a major turning point for every city. If the people of that city aren’t happy, then possibly it needs a change. Everyone one in the world has rights why should the citizens of that cities be held without. The longtime residents and small business people have the same chance as everyone else because they too deserve that chance to build a home and support themselves just like any big corporation does. The rights belong to them because they fought for that spot and why would they give that chance up after all they did to get it and work hard.

In “My Brooklyn” the citizens of the small businesses had to give up everything they worked so hard for just so the big businesses can be there and for others to gain more money. That’s all the corporations would care about and it isn’t right. When this happened the people with the money to shut down the smaller businesses should have thought about it long and hard because look how it will be affecting those hard working people. The rights should be maintained in the cities by having meetings every so often just to make sure everything is alright and fair to the people.

In “Citizen Jane”, Jane knew the rights of the people were important and she fought for that. She saw the people in Manhattan to have a spark about them and to change that with an expressway cutting through most of their homes and towns

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