I used a couple of digital archives website to search for Preservation and Development in Vinegar Hill but I was unable to find what I was looking there. “The New York Public Library Digital Collection” was the only digital archive that showed Vinegar Hill in the 1800s. I searched for “Vinegar Hill” but it wasn’t helpful so I decided to search for “Bridge Street” and I found many information about it. I picked these two maps because it shows Vinegar Hill in 1855. As the maps show, it was an industrial and residential neighborhood. There were many shops in the neighborhood. I see that there is a huge difference between Vinegar Hill in 1855 and today. It was full factories and working places unlike now all these stores are closed and its considered to be a dead neighborhood. Also, it was full of residential houses that aren’t there anymore. I see that the neighborhood hasn’t developed much. Many of the surrounding neighborhood were development much more and in a positive way, which makes us question why didn’t Vinegar Hill develop like the other neighborhoods?



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