The Torii At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The image above was the one I chose for my blog, which is of the Torii Gate, found within the brooklyn botanical garden in 1974. A torri gate is a traditional japanese gate most commonly found in a sacred place, and it usually marks the transition from the living world to the spiritual world. The historical significance and architecture of this gate shows us that the country of origin is Japan, but there are parts of China that also have these gates within their gardens. Many visitors have various reactions of this gate, some think its beautiful, others think it’s out of place and it should’ve been removed. The reason I chose this as a blog topic, is because vinegar hill is often seen as a part of New York that is out of place because it seems like that part of New York is still stuck in the past while the rest of New York is striving towards the future, just like this torii gate within the Botanical Garden.

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