Blogging the archives – assignment due Wednesday, March 8

Regular blogging on the course OpenLab site is part of your class participation grade. Please review the blogging guidelines or get in touch with your instructors with any questions. For Wednesday, please complete the activity described below and write one blog post of approximately 100 words in response to the questions that follow.

Activity: Using one of the digital archives websites we reviewed in class (,, do a keyword search to locate a digitized primary source that is relevant to your topic. In your blog post, provide a link to the item you choose and address the questions below.

Blogging questions: Identify the topic, theme, or purpose of the source you chose. Hypothesize about its origins, purpose, and how others have interpreted it or responded to it. How does it fit in with the topic you have chosen to research? What questions does this source raise? Where would you look for the answers?

Looking ahead to next Monday, March 13, please be prepared to meet at 1:30 SHARP at the Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library at Grand Army Plaza. Our class meeting takes place in the Brooklyn Collection on the second floor of the library. Please review the website of the Brooklyn Collection before class on Wednesday 3/8.

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