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Week 12: Truffles and Filled Chocolates

Hello class!

Today’s Chef was Sarah and the Steward was Jessica. I would like to first thank everybody for coming in on time and working diligently on their assignments. I would also like to thank my steward, Jessica for helping me out and the other teams. For today’s production, we worked a lot with tempering, pipping, molding and filling chocolates. It was a long a tedious process but, as a class, we got through it and made the most beautiful truffles and bonbons. For the filled chocolates we had several demos to show how we can fill the molds and how to use the transfer sheets to give the bonbons a pop of color.

After all that hard work, our class produced the most beautiful chocolates. Even though this is our last chocolate production, I am glad we were able to make such amazing products.

Tempering milk chocolate.

Pouring the white chocolate into the mold.

Scrapping off the excess chocolate.

Taping the mold to release the air bubbles.

Using the back of the offset to tap out the rest of the chocolate.

Scrapping off the excess chocolate.

Flipping the mold over on parchment to let the shells set.

Scoping the Gianduja Truffles.

Piping filling into the chocolate shells.

Rolling Truffles.

Coating the Truffles.

Team A: Gingerbread Truffles and Filled Hazelnut Praline

Team B: Caribbean Cocktail and Filled dark chocolate.

Bittersweet Chocolates

Team C: Black Forest truffles and Red Rose white filled truffles.

Team D: Gianduja truffles and Milk chocolate filled with dark chocolate ganache.