Week 11 Production

Hello all, today’s chefs are Maria and Hannah. First of all, we would like to thank you all of you did a perfect job today and the products were coming out good. We also thanks to our steward, Sarah, for helping out teams. Even though it was a long and tedious process today with dipping and cutting; everyone gave their all and to the products were very delicious too. Today production consisted mostly of either cutting and dipping the products the teams made the week prior or making the Mozart Kugeln bonbons or Grand Marnier chocolate all today.

The teams cut and dipped close to 100 or more pieces of their candy and to make sure during that their chocolate didn’t get too cold or thicken was good and I was happy to see no one gave up with that. The chocolate had a great shine so I knew it was tempered correctly. Though the white chocolate give teams some trouble today they still worked past it and strived through. Today we as chefs believe that all the products came out delicious and well worth the hassle to make it perfect and are happy today came out that way and hopefully continues more and more great.

Kneading the Mozart Kugeln dough

Wrapping the nougat up with the pistachio marzipan to make the known layers.

The almond Joy Candies


the final products of Mozart Kugeln

the Hazelnut Marzipan Balls

Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Grand Marnier dipping

dipping and topping the almond joys carefully.

Team A production

Team B Production


Team C production

Team D production

have fancy packages for today’s products


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