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Week 9: Chocolate; Tempering, Dipping, and Pipping

Hello all,

October 25, 2018, Dao and Michelle were chef.  We like to thank CeiKar, steward of the day, for making sure the class had the necessary ingredients for production. As well as the class for making beautiful decorations on chocolate covered strawberries, creative and uniform mendiants and chocolate dipped candied fruits. Lastly, we appreciate Professor Hoffman for the detailed demonstration on tempering chocolate and making chocolate bonbons.

Professor Hoffman demos on filling molds with chocolate.

Bowl of tempered chocolate and final result of chocolate bonbons.




Strawberries ready to be dipped in chocolate.

Removing the excess chocolate after the dip.

Chocolate setting up and adding decorations on strawberries.


Candied Ginger, Orange rinds and grapefruit rinds.

After tossing the candied orange rinds in sugar.



Candied ginger in a bowl of sugar and resting on the tray, ready to be dipped in chocolate.


Candied grapefruit, half dipped in dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate mendiant with crushed toasted almonds (left) and crushed pistachios (right)

White chocolate mendiants with crushed pistachios and chopped dried cranberries.


Class presentation of Week 9’s production.

Assorted chocolate covered goodies and mendiants ready to be taken.


– Hope everybody enjoyed the class’s productions and photos. See you next class!

Dao Tran & Michelle Mak