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Candies and Bonbons Week 2

Hi everyone! I’d first like to take a moment to thank everyone for making todays production a success. You were all professional, worked in a timely matter and worked great as a team. There was a lot of communication with each other which helped the day run smoothly and I love how everyone helped each other in the end with giving a hand with their production to cleaning up. And for that, Thank You.

For this weeks production, we made numerous variations of hand-rolled bonbons. Team A made the Czech Chocolate Truffles and the Coconut Almond Candy, Team B made the Chilli Choco Sweets and the Dates and Coconut Rolls, Team C made the Apfelkugeln/ Apple Balls and the Stripped Marzipan Candies, lastly Team D made the Polish Walnut Roll/Salami and the German Chocolate Truffles. They all turned out beautiful as they were uniform in size and astheticaly pleasing to look at.

Just look at these platings:

Plating of the Czech Chocolate Truffles

Plating of the Coconut Almond Candy

Plating of the Chili Choco Sweets

Plating of the Date and Coconut Rolls

Plating of the Apple Balls

Plating of the Marzipan Candies

Plating of the Polish Walnut Rolls

Plating of the German Chocolate Truffles

Pictures during production:

Rolling the Coconut Almond Candy

Molding the dough for the Polish Walnut Roll

These layers on the Marzipan Candies is gorgeous

Rolling the German Chocolate Truffles

Slicing the Polish Walnut Salami

Dusting the Chili Choco Sweet

Cooking the mixture for the Apple Balls until it reaches a thick paste


The packaging was also beautiful:

Top view of the boxes

Close view of the packaging