Textbook- IS p.682-685, 690-691

Note: in order to view the spreadsheet, you will need access to Microsoft Excel. I strongly encourage you all to try to replicate this spreadsheet on your own.

Luckily for you, as a CUNY student, you have full access to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite using just your CUNY login information.

Also, you can download Office365 through your City Tech Email. Just click on the 9 dots on the upper left hand side, then click on Office, then Install Office.

=sum()adds all selected values in the parentheses.
=product()multiplies all selected values in the parentheses.
=B2^2squaring the of the value in cell B2, could be used on other cells also.
=sqrt()takes the square root of whatever is in the cell.
=correl(x,y)would actually find r directly.
Select your column for x and your column for y when using this function.
Sorry for doing all that work if this command alone would have done all the dirty work.
Some key commands that are used in the spreadsheet.

In addition to those commands, if you want to repeat formulas, click on the cell where there is a formula. Observe that little square on the bottom right of the cell. Click on that square and pull it down until the formula is copied into the desired cells.

TI-84 Instructions
Correlation Coefficient– I strongly suggest you do this first.
Least Squares Regression Line


Prep for Next Class (Please look at them and prepare questions for the next class).

Textbook- MS p.35-38 (ex.1-4)