Month: November 2021

Test 3 11/22/2021

Instructions: SHOW ALL Work. All work is to be handwritten. No typed solutions will be accepted.

  • The first test is at 6:00pm to 7:15pm on Monday 11/22/2021.
  • All work is your own. No collaboration.
  • You are allowed to use a scientific calculator.
  • Be sure to practice creating PDF files of all your work. I will not accept work in improper format.
    • ONE FILE
    • multiple pages on the file for all the work (How to use the DropBox App for this purpose.)
    • PhotoID card atop 1st page (DON’T COVER ANY WORK!)
    • Filename: Lastname_Firstname_Test1.pdf
    • Examples of proper format (with consent from the students)
  • Submit to this dropbox request link.
    • Any submission after 7:30pm results in -20 on your final score.
    • No submissions after 8:00pm are accepted
  • Online programs like MathWay, Photomath, etc. are banned. (Automatic 0 + Faculty Action Report on your Academic Record if I recognize usage of the program).
  • If this document ends up on a website without my permission, everyone who receives this version of the test fails. Re-grading the test to a 0 grade can happen. Automatic 0 and Faculty Action report still applies.

Oral Defense (Up to 30% of your test score)

  • Until 12/2 (right before class, though I might be willing to interview someone after.)
  • Sign up here
    • Timeslots in blue and green represent other Zoom locations I will be in.
  • Be prepared to discuss three questions from the test. The quality of your answers will determine the remaining portion of your grade.
  • If you do not interview, you will lose the points you could have had.
    • e.g. If you scored 100 average on the written portion of the test, then you will receive only 70% as a grade without the interview since Written Work for the test count as 70% of the overall test.